List of Compositions 1967-2012

(For those of you who asked, and even those who didn't, I finally put together a list of scores. It's not complete, sorry to say. A lot of transcriptions and arrangements have been left off. There are no timings or instrumentation. Quite a number of works written in the last 5 or 6 years haven't been listed.  I hope to remedy those omissions at some point.)

Stanley A. Funicelli
List of Works

1967      4 Pieces for Guitar
              Calando, for Gtr.
              Sonata for Piano
              3 Pieces for Pno.
              Piece for 2 Flutes
              String Quartet No.1

1968      5 Pieces for Guitar
              The Exception and The Rule (incidental music)
1969      Burlesca for Chamber Orchestra
              various arrangements              

1970      Overture to “The Absolute at Large”
              Piece for Double Bass
              Two Songs for SSA
              5 Beatles Songs arr. SSA
              Fantasia for Piano
              Fantasia for Orchestra
              Fantasia for Flute
              Dickenson Cycle (voice and gtr)
              Buffalo Bill’s Defunct (e e cummings) SATB
              Scenes for Solo Cello

1971     Variations on Christ and St. Marie
              String Quartet in One Movement
              Suite for Guitar
              Mass (SATB)
              Various arrangements for Brass Quintet
              Sonata for Bassoon and Electronic Tape
              5 Sections for Solo Clarinet
1972      In My Craft (Dylan Thomas) vc and gtr
              Fantasia for Horn and Bassoon
              Piece for Chamber Orchestra
              Two part invention for horn and bassoon
              Two part invention for Bb Cl and Bsn
1973      Octet for Trombones
              Setting (No Necessary Justice: Sue Simmons) tenor, SATB
              Book for Winds
              2 Duets for Viola and Gtr
              Trio for cl, 2 vlas
              Rhythmic Canon
              Retrograde Rhythms in Canonic Form
              Cluster Duet (gtrs)
              Fantasia for Multi-perc and orchestra
1974      Theogony; 3 mvts for viola and ch. ens
              3 Pastorelles for fl and gtr

              Fanfare for Brass quintet
              Chapter One Suite, pno
              Amalgam for 11 soloists
              Ballet (Wounded Warrior)
              Dithyramb, fl, gtr
1975      Amalgams 2 and 3 for brass quintet
              Bassoon Concerto
              “I wake and feel the fall of dark, not day” (G. M. Hopkins) soprano and ch. ens
              The Heiligenstadt Testament for baritone and orch
              Chamber Piece for 6 Soloists
              Trilogy for ch. ens
              3 Pieces for Piano
              Trilogy for Symphonic Band
              Consort for wind ensemble

1976      2 Fantasies for recorders
              Technema, for tpt, cell, pno, perc
              Technema II for concert band
              Lyricalisms for Hn, Vc
              Fugue for String Quartet
              Fleur de fers, orch

1977      “3” for solo flute
              String Quartet
              Dances of Thought, lute
1978       for Orchestra
              Moto Perpetuo, pno
              Protoglossa for solo clar and ch. ens
              Piece for Galilei Consort
              Fragments, pno
              Imago Humanis I
              Imago Humanis II
              Imago Humanis III
              Variations for Brass Quintet
              Office of Fire, Office of Shadow, for large ensemble
              Endura, vc and pno
              Almagest, perc ens
              Noumenos, performance piece
1979      Amalgam III for 11 brass
              Dickenson Cycle (rev)
              3 Movements for Orch
              Cycles, for pno
              String Quartet
1980      Avian, ww quintet
              Raptus, ww quintet
              Lucina, string trio
              Interface, pno and ch. orch
              Scintillae, ch orch
              String Quartet
              2 Essays
              3 Rhapsodic Vignettes, orch
              Movement for String Quartet
              28 Studies
                            Violin               Solo
                            Flute Solo
                            Viola Solo
                            Clarinet Solo
                            Chamber Ensemble
                            Piano Solo
                            2 Hns
                            Orchestra (“Rhapsode”)
                            E Hn/Gtr
                            Three for 2 Vlns
                            Two for Orch
                            Two for String Trio
                            2 for Brass
              String Quartet (No. 6)
              3 Pcs for Solo Vln
              3 Pcs for Solo Fl
              3 Pcs for Solo Viola
              4 Pieces for Solo Clar
              3 Pieces for Cbs
              4 Pcs for Pno

1981      Metamorph, string quintet
              3 Mvts for Pno
              4 Miniatures for String Orch
              Mass for 4 Players
              Canticles for Band
              Introduction and Saraband for Orch
              Inscapes I for Orch
              Inscapes II, string quartet
              Inscapes III, string septet
              Cenotaph for 14 flutes
              Miniatures for String Quartet
              Overture for Orch
              Sleep, Silence Child (Wm. Drummond of Hawthornden), sop/gtr
1982      Music for Film (The Way Out, dir. Russ Johnson)
              Ferlinghetti Fragments, sop/pno
              2 Short Works for Orch
              Sym. No. 2 (Anodyne)
1983      Music for Film (Michael Burton)
              Music for Film (Steve Mayhew)
              From the Dark Lands, string quintet

1984      Tides, a setting of Mathew Arnold’s Dover Beach for sop, ant. brass, organ, orch
              Cenotaph for Orch
              Suite for 2 Guitars
              Trombone Trio
              Lux Tenebre, fl, 2vlns, hp, pno

1985      Suite for flute
              3 Studies for String Quartet
              7 Etudes for Piano
              Dances for Viola and Perc
              Mathesis, ww quartet and string orch
              Contrapuntal study for brass

1986      “con fuoco e sforza”, pno
              Etude for Solo Oboe
              16 Etudes for 2 Guitars
              Portraits, 2 gtrs
              2 Pieces for String Orch
              Sample, vc
              Etude, gtr

1987      Oscures, ch. ens
              String Quartet No. 9
              Pc for Pno
              Brass Quintet
              Ricercari for large ensemble

1988      Distance and the Sea (SATB)
              Stormsong, etude for gtr
              Distance and the Sea, solo guitar
              Reger Transcriptions for Brass Quintet
              Short Pieces for vln, pno
              Study for Guitar
              Study for String Orch
              Kontrapunkt 1, ch ens

1989      Variations for String Quartet
              Grand Variation for Solo Guitar
              Fantasia for vln, gtr
              Etude No. 2, gtr

1990      Elegy for String Quartet (No. 10)
              Study no. 2, gtr
              Symphonic Movement
              Intermezzo for Strings

1991      String Quartet ( Verbum Salutis) No. 11
              Hermetic Variations, orch
              Suite for String Ensemble
              Etude No. 3, gtr
              Etude 4, gtr
              Etude 5, gtr
              2 Chromatic Studies
              Simple Suite for solo gtr
              6 Studies for gtr
              Six and the Dragon, fl/vn/vc
1992      Symphony No. 4
              Leap, 3 gtrs
              Concertino on Sor, for gtr and stgs.
1993      Canzona, str. orch
              Trans, Reger Viola Suites for Gtr
              2 Sonatinas for gtr
              Chronicles for orch
              Toccata and Fugue in Dm, arr 3 gtrs

1994      String Quartet No. 12
              Grand Sonata, gtr
              Sonata No. 1 (the Merciless) for Unacc. Vln
              Larghetto, str. orch
              Sonata No. 2, vln
              Fugue, Vln Son 1, Bach for gtr
              Sonata No. 2, gtr
              Sonata No. 3, gtr
              Fantasia, orch
              Sonata No. 3, vln
              Sonata No. 4, vln
              Sonata No. 5, vln
              Symphony of 4 Guitars
              Guitar Quartet
              Passacaglia, gtr
              2 Studies for String Quartet
              Fantasia, solo gtr
              2 Studies for Orch
1996      Symphony No. 5
              Sonata No. 6, vln
              2 Studies for Guitar
              String Quartet No. 13
              Moonlight Sonata, mvt III, for 3 gtrs
              Fantasia for Guitar
              8 Studies for Guitar
              Sonata No. 4 for Guitar
              Adagio, pno
              Suite for Pno
              12 Studies for Guitar
              Fantasia, Adagio, and Fugue, gtr
              Symphony No. 6              
              Sonata for Unacc. Cbs
1997      Trans, Bach Cello Suites for Guitar
              William Tell Overture, trans for 3 gtrs
              Beethoven Sym No. 5, 1st Mvt, arr for 3 gtrs
              Parodos, solo guitar
              String Quartet No. 14
              Sonata No. 7, vln
              Suite for 10-string guitar
              4 Pieces for Piano
              2 Pieces for Guitar

1998      Prelude, gtr
              Studies for Strings
              Hut of the Baba Yaga, arr 3 gtrs
              Great Gate of Kiev, arr 3 gtrs
              Ricercare for Guitar
              Pavane for Guitar
              Sonata No. 1, pno
              Trio for snare drums
              2 Trios for guitar
              Ricercare, 3 gtrs

1999      Overture to The French Lieutenant’s Woman, orch
              13 Drum Solos
              The Shape of Fire, orch
              Konzertstucke, pno
              Sonata No. 1, cello
              15 Miniatures in the Form of a Sonata, clarinet quartet
              Sym. No. 9, mvt IV, Beethoven, for 3 gtrs
              QuartetNo. 15
              Hommage a Bruckner, Prelude and Sarabande for guitar
              Prelude for 3 Guitars
              Soundscapes 1-5

2000      Prelude, Hammer and Rude for 3 gtrs
              Duo Sonata, vln/gtr
              Principia, sonata for solo flute
              Essays for Orchestra
              Sonata No. 8, vln
              String Quartet No. 16 (“Munch”)
2001      String Quartet No. 17
              Study for Guitar
              13 Miniatures for Piano
              2 Pieces for Organ
              Gradus for Organ
              Varied Gentlemen, 3 gtrs
              Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, 3 gtrs
              Beethoven, op 135, mvt 2, trans for 3 gtr
              Piece for Guitar

2002      Prelude and 4 Movements for Guitar
              2 Fragments for String Quartet
              15 Episodes for flute
              For Orchestra
              5 Miniatures for Solo Violin
              Canon for 2 Violins
              Shiva Stomp, guitar duet

2003      Trinity for Solo Flute
              String Quartet (“99 seconds”)
              Sonatina for Solo Flute

2004      Adagio for flute and guitar
2005      Discourse for flute and guitar
2006      Meditation 1, organ
2007     5 Movements for String Trio
              Fragment for Solo Vln
              Piece for Solo Cello
              Contrapunctus 1 for guitar ens
              SPA Ensemble
              Nocturne for Guitar

2008      Many Hands, clapping ensemble
              5 Nocturns for Guitar

2009      String Quartet No. 18
              String Quartet No. 19
              Guitar Ensemble No. 1

2010      Prelude and Fugue, Organ
              Prelude and Fugue, orch for strings
2011      Sonata No. 2 for Piano
              Guitar Ensembles No. 2-4
              Discourses, Guitar Ensemble
              Scherzo from Beethoven’s 9th for guitar ensemble
              From Vivaldi’s Winter for 4 guitars
              Flower Duet from Lakme, trans for 2 sop and guitar ens

2012      Guitar Ensemble Nos. 5-6
              4 Divertissements for Guitar Ensemble
              A Counterpoint, gtr