about cenotaph

 Cenotaph was written in 1981, as I remember for a competition for choir at a festival of some kind. I never submitted it so I've never heard it. (see the full score in its own post). I don't know if I missed the deadline, a not unlikely situation considering the time it took to produce a score like this before computer aided notation. Even simple photocopies were difficult to come by. It's also possible I didn't have the funds for photocopies, postage and entry fees.

Cenotaph, btw, is a monument erected for someone deceased when there is no body to bury.

For those interested, the score was produced on 11x17 transparent paper laid over graph paper. The only tools were a t-square to produce staff lines and bar lines, a technical pen for that lining, and a hand ground esterbrook replacement nib in an oblique shape placed in an esterbrook body.